Collection: How to cross Sherbrooke from east to west (Day 3)

August 24, 2022

For some time, I have been crossing the city of Sherbrooke by bike.

Here is the attempt I made.

  • I went up rue Allard to do my training (Try to beat my record, I did a segment on Strava.)

    Click here to view the Segment in Strava

  • Descended rue Galvin (Very fast, caution is required, respect the stops!!!)

  • I took rue Conseil (Beware of the stops) and especially the coast near rue Bowen. (Very dangerous!!!)

  • I took the Aylmer bridge in the opposite direction on the sidewalk.
    (Watch out for pedestrians!!)

    ( Click here to learn more about the bridges of Sherbrooke)

  • I went through a missing cycle link to join the cycle path behind the Maxi. (Be careful there is mud !!!)

  • Then watch out for the traffic light at the corner of Grandes-Fourches and Aberdeen. (You won't be able to cross diagonally, you'll have to cross in 2 steps, which isn't very practical!)

  • Then you can climb Aberdeen Street (another great challenge ). Long live #Sherbrooke #SherbyLove

    View on Strava: CLICK HERE

  • Finally, you can join the cycle network towards the Gare de la Gare market.

  • Then, you have to reduce your speed because you will enter the Zen Zone of the cycle path. (Watch out for pedestrians!!!)

  • You then have to go under the black bridge.

  • Butte field woodland is my favorite bit, but you must stay on designated trails.

  • After the Champs des Buttes, you will arrive near the Jacques-Cartier Bridge in Shebrooke. ( Click here to learn more)

  • Then it misses a little bit to join the bike path on rue Denault.

  • So!!! You are very close to the University of Sherbrooke, prepare your calves to climb rue Cabana.

    Cheer! You succeeded!!! This is not obvious! Good luck!!!

    Welcome back everyone!


    Sherbrooke's cycling network is constantly evolving.

    Work is beginning on the section of rue King Est to add sidewalks and bike lanes. See this article from the Tribune. CLICK HERE

    David Beauchesne
    Sherbrooke Photos

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