Jour 3: Enfin le Nicaragua (Rivas)

Day 3: Finally Nicaragua (Rivas)

I am currently in Rivas, Nicaragua after a long day of 100 km.
Here's how my day went. First of all, my kind host gets up very early since he has to go to work on a construction site. In addition to cutting hair, he works very hard... The wind is still present. On the other hand, today it propels me 7 km further in 10 minutes. Yesterday, I had crossed the same distance in one hour!!! It's nice to have an Aeolian friend sometimes. I meet a nice Dutchman who has been here for three months and who owns a little shelter for travellers. I use it for lunch. I ride, but it's difficult. I wonder why I torture myself like this. Why didn't I stay in front of my TV? Why am I not reading a novel? The first days are always difficult! I have time to think en masse! After 40 km I arrive exhausted in a small village. I go to a small convenience store. I go inside and ask if there is a restaurant nearby. Negative! I tell him I'm very hungry, so he asks his wife Giselle if she can cook me a little something. Here is the result. I am very pampered! I chat with Juan and Giselle, it's interesting. I ask philosophical questions like: What is the most important thing in life. Both answer me after a few seconds of reflection: God. I take the road again, because I would like to at least go to the border. After several hours, I finally arrive in the complicated process to cross a customs by bike. First of all I have to go and pay 8$ USD in a small green counter. Then I have to go get my passport stamped at another office. Then I have to go to another building to pay the local tax of $1. I pass in front of customs officers, and I have some difficulties to pass. The customs officer finds it strange that I ride a bicycle and he asks me where I am going to spend the night. I tell him that I don't know! He leaves with my passport to tell this to his superior. I wait, I wait... The customs officer comes back and asks me for the registration number of my bike???? What??? Anyway, after 30 minutes I finally go to the next step, pay $12. I feel like I'm in an Asterix movie! I'm x-raying my bags. Everything is fine... I get back on my bike and ride 200 meters and I have to show my passport again. Soon I will be free!!! As soon as I arrive in Nicaragua I feel at home. I love this country and I highly recommend it. The prices are very affordable and the landscapes breathtaking. I meet a couple of Mexicans who have been away for 8 months and who have covered more than 10,000 km. They make the big crossing, wow! Wind turbines are everywhere on the edge of Lake Nicaragua. It is really impressive. Look at the length of a blade. I finally see the two volcanoes located on the island of omotepe: it's magnificent. These two volcanoes are located in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. I have 11 km left before arriving in Rivas and I will buy a bottle of coke for 12 Cordobas (50 cents CAD) I meet a wonderful 9-year-old boy named Derek. I chat with him for long minutes, I ask him if there is a place to sleep nearby. The answer was negative. I ask him the same question as Juan and Giselle and he tells me without hesitation: estudiar (Studies). A little later he gives me little sweet bits. I have to hit the road again. People are nice to slower vehicles. When I finally arrive in Rivas I find a room for 150 Cordobas ($6 CAD). It's not the big quality, but for me the answer to my question is to eat, drink and find a mattress. I'm going to explore the city center, I finally see real life. The central park is filled with people. A wonderful nursery. I eat a good meal. Long live Nicaragua!!! Here is my route for today. Watch my activity on Strava: David Beauchesne Life is beautiful!!!