Day 13: The impossible path...

I am currently in Sopoa, Nicaragua.

I get up early enough to explore the sleepy streets. The tourists are sleeping, but the Nicaraguans are busy. The beach is beautiful this morning. I'm going to the market to see the fresh meat of the day. I would like to try fresh meat one day. In Canada, everything is sanitized and who knows where the meat comes from? I have a good lunch at the market. I take the road around 8:00 in the morning. I decide to take a small road that runs along the sea, but the path is very difficult. The climbs are everywhere. At the beginning, the road is beautiful and paved. The situation becomes more complicated a few kilometers further on. Workers are redoing the road. The big rocks make it impossible to use my bicycle. I fall once! I really wonder what I'm doing here. Why am I looking for trouble, I could have taken an easier path, but no! I love the mess!!! When I arrive at Playa Ositional, I see a small fishing village. I continue my way, it's difficult, but I'll get there! I arrive in front of a checkpoint and I am in an area protected by soldiers. The soldiers tell me that I cannot pass, that it is too dangerous. They say the path is too dangerous and I have to turn back!!! What??? I just burned for 2h30 to cross 30km and I have to return to my starting point. I try to explain the situation, but there's nothing to do... I go back the other way, it's hot, it's too difficult. After 10 km, I finally meet a van and I ask if I can board... Thank you life. The Good Samaritans propel me 20km further...phew. I'm back to square one. I take the path I should have taken at the beginning. I have to cover 16 km with the wind in my face. I'm exhausted. I finally arrive at Las Virgen. I take a little break to see my little Derek, but he's not here. I continue my journey for 24 km, life is hard. The wind is still there but it's a little less bad. I pass through a wind's windy. I finally arrive near the Costa Rican border, but I stop before in a small village called Sapoa. I try to find a room, but there is no hotel! I ask a few people if I can sleep at their place. After three attempts, I finally find refuge with Manuel's sister, who is called Isabel. I'm going to spend the night in the general store surrounded by holiday items. The place is truly amazing! It is next to the great Lake Nicaragua. I see volcanoes in the distance. I take this opportunity to swim in the lake, it's very hot. It is the water source of the village. The lake also feeds the city I visited yesterday: San Juan del sur. Here is the photo of the house. I'm really lucky. I spend time with the family. Yet another example of generosity. Thanks! Tomorrow is another day! I did 80 km today, I rode almost all day.

David Beauchesne