Jour 33: Boca de Camarioca

Day 33: Boca de Camarioca

This morning, I get up early. I try to go out in the street, but I am imprisoned. The door is barred in three places. I will have to wait... I'm entitled to a whole breakfast this morning, I'm pampered. I leave by bike in the direction of Varadero. I take my time. I see a kayak practice. I note the desolate state of certain beaches. A beautiful bay. A magnificent bridge. I visit a museum in restoration, it was damaged by Irma. It is an old El Morillo fortress protecting Matanzas Bay and the nearby river. I take a break by the sea. There are jellyfish everywhere...I believe they are hibernating. The road is difficult, I've had the wind in my face for 4 days. It's hard and it's very cold. The sight of this sign gives me courage... I reached my goal today. Yippee. I'm going to find myself a small room soon. I ask people what the impacts of Hurricane Irma were. A man shows me photos and videos on his cell phone. Here is his picture Here is my picture. Part of the road was torn out in front of their home. It was a nice meeting. I got a video by transferring it to my phone. I decide to stop in a small village named Boca de Camarioca to spend a night. I'm tired of driving and we're freezing. Even the dogs have their sweaters. I find myself a room. I'm going for a walk, I put on all the clothes I's 14 degrees, but with the wind factor it must be even colder. Tonight the mercury will drop to 8 degrees. I eat a little spag frette. I'm going to bed early... I can't wait to eat celery!!! I can't wait to come back to Quebec!!! Here's my bike ride with the wind in my face... Watch my bike ride on Strava: Life is cold in Cuba too David Beauchesne To follow me on Facebook