Jour 31: Havane 3.0

Day 31: Havana 3.0

I had a good night, my fever went down. I feel better. Today I'm going to take a break from cycling. I meet this lady this morning, she is 71 years old and she is still working. I have lunch on the terrace of my accommodation. It's a very nice view to have a meal. Today is the third of January, the schoolchildren are back on the school benches. Observe the uniform. Here is a Russian church. Some people wear white, it's a religion, but I don't know which one. Is it the virgin and the child in Russian in Cuba? Always very beautiful this city. Here are the fortifications. A cat climbing a tree I'm thinking of Fastou. This is Havana Cathedral A little cone in front of the Capitolio. Nice meeting with Yolanda in a park. She sang to me the greatest success of Pablo Milanès (the song Yolanda). We chatted for a bit and then she wanted some money, I gave away a 10 Cup ticket. I saw the dynamo I was using and 1984. It cost 8.50 Cuc. Phew! Welcome friction. Here are people lining up to access the thrift store. Here is the price of some essential goods. Note the soap at the top of the shelf at 6 cups ($0.30 cad) and the toothpaste at 8 cups ($0.40 cad). I went into an Adidas store and the sports shoes were 2400 Cup or 100 Cuc or $100 Usd. That is to say very expensive! Here is an impromptu baseball game in a park. Here is a discussion between three women on the balconies. A little moment of relaxation near the Hotel Nacional. This moment is sponsored by Now here is the Hotel Nacional. It reminds me of hotels in Las Vegas. Indeed in the 1920s, during prohibition (it was forbidden to take alcohol) in the United States, Havana became a favorite destination for wealthy Americans. Casinos and discotheques were legion there. During the 1930s, Havana was Las Vegas. Several luxury hotels, flamboyant casinos and gleaming night clubs, all controlled by the American mafia with the blessing of dictator Fulgencio Batista. The great luxury. I took the opportunity to take a break in front of the pool illegally. Here is the entrance hall. Are we in Cuba? I went up to eighth floor using the vintage elevator. Even Jean Chrétien passed by here to meet Fidel Castro. Subsequently, I visited tunnels very close to the hotel. The sea is very rough today. Two beautiful motorcycles...almost new. A special place for assholes? Here is the prado, that is to say a wide promenade of Havana. After walking for six hours in this magnificent city, I go back to my new room, the one I had rented on day 24. The latter is really spacious and it's only 25 Cuc. Life is Beautiful! Is not it? It was a nice day of rest. David Beauchesne To follow me on Facebook