Jour 2: Costa verde

Day 2: Costa Verde

I left early to take advantage of the morning "coolness". I drive on route 241 towards Guardalavaca. The east road is beautiful. I stop on the way to buy a mango and I ask the price for a mango. He replies that it's 1 Cuc for 1 kg. I told him that I would like to buy only one!!! He tells me it's free!!! I then ask him to cut the mango and I give him 20 Cups, or about 1$ Cad. People are generous!!! I continue on my way and I meet a seller of coconuts...I'm thirsty...I fill my water bottle with coconut water. Finally, I will visit Patrick and Josée who are in a hotel on the Costa Verde. (Friends met the day before on the plane) Luckily, I managed to bypass the security guards through a path that adjoined the hotel. I finally discover the sea !!! Thank you Michael Rivard! I walk for long minutes on the beach and I finally see Patrick and Josée who are on the beach...
Photo credit: Patrick Huot
The result was very unlikely: I decided to stay a day with them in this hotel. Patrick and Josée are welcoming and very friendly people. Beautiful day after riding 60 km today. Nice evening with Pat and Jo!!! Tomorrow will be another day!!! What will happen? To be continued... David Beauchesne (