Jour 11: El ponchero

Day 11: El ponchero

I leave around 8:00 after enjoying a good breakfast to face the big challenge of the day... On the road I barter with a lady. I give him soap and other hotel stuff in exchange for three mangoes. I know the road will not be easy today, because 7 years ago I rented a Jeep to drive 160 km it took 4 hours to get there. Today I plan to do 100 km in six hours. The road is breathtaking. I lose two screws that hold my pedals. I finally understood the expression lose the pedals... Fortunately, a Cuban helps me to replace everything. I give him a 5 Cuc (125 Cup). The gentleman is very happy!!! Then I bathe a little in a place on the side of the road. After my little swim, I realize that I have a puncture. Luckily again, I ask passers-by if "el ponchero" that is to say the one who repairs the tires... lives nearby. Luckily, he lives nearby. This is an amazing little movie!!! Cubans are so resourceful! He repaired five punctures for me. I give him 10 Cuc (250 Cup). He is jubilant... After 500 meters I have another puncture. I have understood over time that I have to stay away from the thorns that are often present on the side of the roads. I'm learning!!! Roads are almost non-existent. I finally arrive at Marea del Portillo I rest after this long day! I go to bed very early... Mission accomplished.
If you can't find the way, make your own way!!
David Beauchesne